Retail and shopping centers need to be established as brands

E-commerce, discount retailers, new centers – the retail industry has always been dynamic and will be so in the future. With e-commerce booming, retailers must clearly identify how to differentiate and add value depending on the sales channel.

Our goal is to establish our centers as brands within their respective catchment area. This allows us to market them effectively and establish them as the major shopping destination for their customers. Additionally, we systematically develop and maintain strong bonds with local opinion leaders, authorities and associations.

We are uncompromising when it comes to keeping our properties in a top condition. This approach guarantees that we offer our centers’ retailers an environment in which they can generate sustainable earnings and profits – the best foundation for attractive rent levels and long-term rental relationships with attractive tenants.

Experience and a specialized network are essential to manage retail real estate

We have been managing and supervising large-scale retail properties since 1984. In this time, we have managed centers through multiple stages of development. We were among the first to provide active center management for retail parks. Thanks to our long-standing presence in the market, we are able to rely on our extensive tenant network and cultivated personal relationships with the most important players. Our team – which includes former executives from large German retailers – is firmly connected to the industry.

Act like the owner would – our credo as owner’s representative

We are part of ILG Group, a professional investor in retail real estate. An inherent understanding of real estate investors’ needs is part of our DNA, and their representation comes naturally to us. Our refinancing and compensation model is the best possible proof of this. Wherever possible, we refinance our center management fees using additional, self-generated revenues. Our own remuneration is largely variable and closely tied to the success of the property.

ILG Center Management - our services

We use a highly customized approach to each property and the specific needs of every customer. Our center management services include:

  • Center quick check to analyze the brand development potential of the object
  • Evaluation of additional revenue and savings potentials and implementation of those measures
  • Management of events, campaigns and branding activities
  • Relationship management and activation of the tenant community
  • Development and implementation of an action plans for improving center efficiency, branding and value
  • Leasing of advertising and concession spaces
  • Establishing and maintaining bonds with local opinion leaders, authorities and associations