ILG – leading partner for real estate investors with a focus on retail centers and nursing home properties

Facts and figures

ILG has been developing real estate funds for private and institutional investors since 1980. ILG invests exclusively in retail centers and nursing home facilities. ILG acts as asset and center manager for its own funds’ properties and for external real estate portfolios.


ILG offers investment, asset and center management services. In doing so, ILG covers the entire range of services surrounding investments in retail real estate and nursing home properties.

Company structure

ILG Group is organized as holding company, with five operational subsidiaries and the financial investments of ILG brought together under one roof.


ILG is led by an experienced, interdisciplinary management team. The investment management unit of ILG is controlled by a supervisory board.

Investment focus

ILG is specialized in large-scale retail centers and nursing home properties. Both asset classes offer significant advantages compared to alternative investment options.