ILG is a leading provider of real estate investment funds for private investors with a focus on retail centers and nursing care properties

ILG fund characteristics

The main objective of ILG mutual funds is the reliability of their forecasted performance. To achieve this goal, all forecasts are based on conservative assumptions. In addition, all fund properties are actively managed by ILG’s own asset and center management.

Current funds

ILG funds offer private investors the opportunity to invest in large-scale retail centers and nursing home properties.

Fund performance

The quality of an investment manager is exemplified through the overall performance of their funds. ILG has been able to continuously achieve attractive results for its investors over the past decades.

Active ILG funds

About half of the issued closed-ended real estate investment funds are currently in an active mode.

Secondary market

Closed-ended investment funds are long-term investments. Should ILG investors wish to sell their share within the retention period, ILG is able to offer them sales opportunities beyond public secondary markets.