Effective asset management realizes the real estate’s full profit potential

Lease contracts within commercial properties are complex. Retail objects, in particular, are constituted by a variety of different tenants and lease contract types. The realization of the real estate’s full profit potential requires in-depth knowledge and long-term experience. In addition, tenant mix and leasable spaces must always be in-tune with the current needs of customers and tenants. Current developments and trends must be recognized and factored into rentals and the further development of the real estate.

ILG has decades of experience in asset management for commercial real estate

ILG has been managing commercial real estate since 1980. We currently manage a real estate portfolio totaling over 450.000 m². As owner representative, ILG Asset Management ensures that all financial claims stemming from the tenancy are realized and that any existing potential for revenue increases are utilized. We take care of insurance issues, provide professional support for tenants and generate all billing and invoices needed in a regular and timely fashion. Over the years, our letting management team has acquired a wide-ranging network of the most significant tenants in retail and can thereby ensure attractive real estate leasing.

Act like the owner would – our asset management credo

We are part of ILG Group, a professional investor in commercial real estate. An inherent understanding of real estate investors’ needs is part of our DNA, and their representation comes naturally to us. Our compensation model is the best possible proof of this, being largely variable and closely tied to the success of the property.

ILG Asset Management - our services

We use a highly customized approach to each property and the specific needs of every customer. Our asset management services include:

  • Asset outlook to identify short and long-term optimization potentials of the real estate, e.g. through the improvement of building regulations, creation of further leasable spaces or optimization of the tenant mix
  • Development and implementation of an action plan for the realization of optimization potentials
  • Letting management using the ILG tenant database
  • Professional tenant support
  • Preparation of tenancy invoices and utilities’ billings
  • Accounts receivables management
  • Development and implementation of maintenance and servicing schedules using proven and reliable service providers
  • Optimization of insurance coverage and handling of potential damages