Retail properties

For our mutual and special funds, ILG is constantly on the lookout for suitable retail properties. The following list provides you with information about our purchasing criteria:

Investment region


Investment style



Locations with sufficiently large catchment areas

Types of properties
  • Shopping Centre
  • Hybrid Centre
  • Specialist retail parks
  • Specialist store agglomerations
  • Selected „High Street“ properties
Rental space

Starting from 2,500 m² sales area

Remaining maturities on rental contracts

Ø Remaining lease after 2 years

Investment criteria
  • Portfolio properties, also with existing refurbishment/restructuring needs
  • Developments/projects with building rights and completion within max. 24 months
  • Balanced coverage of periodic/aperiodic demands, typically food retailers as anchor tenants
  • Local market position or dominance in the catchment area
  • Positive socio-demographic environment (demography, income/purchasing power, catchment area, central location)
  • Convenient traffic connections (accessibility by car/public transport/delivery of goods, central location, retail agglomerations)
  • No heritable building rights
  • Rental status:
    CORE/CORE+ > 75%
    VALUE ADD case-by-case examination

Care properties

ILG is looking for facilities that offer at least 50 beds and/or assisted living and/or day care.  It is not of concern whether the property is still in the project planning phase, under construction or already in operation. ILG does not buy properties in Saarland, North Rhine-Westphalia or the new federal states, with the exception of the greater Berlin/Potsdam area. ILG is particularly interested in outpatient housing or formerly inpatient nursing homes that are now operating on an outpatient basis.

Multi-storey car parks

Type of properties:

Underground and multi-storey car parks

Investment style

No part-ownership


Cities with more than 30,000 inhabitants and high centrality in Germany

Positioned at highly frequented locations:

  • City centres
  • Train stations
  • Shopping centres
  • Hotel
  • Airports
  • etc.
Investment criteria

Portfolio properties only, ideally with a short lease and regional operator

Minimum size

Minimum of 100 parking spaces