Retail properties

For our mutual and special funds, ILG is constantly on the lookout for suitable retail properties. The following list provides you with information about our purchasing criteria:

Investment region


Investment style



Locations with sufficiently large catchment areas

Types of properties
  • Shopping Centre
  • Hybrid Centre
  • Specialist retail parks
  • Specialist store agglomerations
  • Selected „High Street“ properties
Rental space

Starting from 2,500 m² sales area

Remaining maturities on rental contracts

Ø Remaining lease after 2 years

Investment criteria
  • Portfolio properties, also with existing refurbishment/restructuring needs
  • Developments/projects with building rights and completion within max. 24 months
  • Balanced coverage of periodic/aperiodic demands, typically food retailers as anchor tenants
  • Local market position or dominance in the catchment area
  • Positive socio-demographic environment (demography, income/purchasing power, catchment area, central location)
  • Convenient traffic connections (accessibility by car/public transport/delivery of goods, central location, retail agglomerations)
  • No heritable building rights
  • Rental status:
    CORE/CORE+ > 75%
    VALUE ADD case-by-case examination

Multi-storey car parks

Type of properties:

Underground and multi-storey car parks

Investment style

No part-ownership


Cities with more than 30,000 inhabitants and high centrality in Germany

Positioned at highly frequented locations:

  • City centres
  • Train stations
  • Shopping centres
  • Hotel
  • Airports
  • etc.
Investment criteria

Portfolio properties only, ideally with a short lease and regional operator

Minimum size

Minimum of 100 parking spaces